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A Day in the Life: Shadowing at PRecise

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

People constantly say shadowing is important for career development – and that’s true. Yet, it’s more than just a resume builder. The invaluable lessons I learned while at PRecise Communications gave me a sneak peek into the boutique agency lifestyle.

How was your experience at PRecise?

In just a brief week, my time at PRecise was broken into two areas: event production and PR strategy.  Luckily for me, I shadowed during the Black Women’s Expo, an event sponsored by PRecise’s Toyota client. I worked hands-on with the agency’s account supervisor and assistant account executives ensuring the overall consumer experience at the expo was perfect. Attention to details and a smile goes a long way. Oh, did I mention I met Emmy award-winning actress Regina King - definitely a highlight!

Before shadowing, I thought I had a reasonable understanding of the role of an account executive (AE) in a standard 9-to-5 job. Now I know that an AE’s job never ends (especially when preparing for an event). I was able to witness the step-by-step process of event production and learned more about the industry in the 50+ hours of shadowing, than I did during undergrad.

In the office, I worked closely with the team and assisted with social media, wrote press materials and engaged in team meetings. Often times I was asked for feedback (“from a Millennial perspective”), which really made me feel part of the team. At first, I was soft spoken and hesitant, but I quickly learned that this profession requires me to speak up and be heard.

What did you learn the most?

This industry requires dedication to lifelong learning, collaborating and staying ahead of trends. From just one week, I have become more confident in my work and gained insight of the boutique agency life.

Forever grateful to the PRecise family for allowing me to be a fly on the wall - thank you!